Safety Plan

  • Develop and communicate a safety and health policy to all employees.
  • Conduct regular safety and health meetings involving employees from all levels.
  • Recognize employees for safe and healthful work practices.

Health and Safety

  • Have cleaning agents available to everyone to routinely clean and disinfect common areas.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and often—for at least 10-20 seconds—to help prevent the spread of illness.
  • If you come across a chemical spill and cannot identify the substance, do not touch or move it. Barricade the area, and report the spill.


  • Become familiar with the people in your immediate work area to easily identify an individual who may not belong there.
  • Lock all the doors and shut down all electrical devices when leaving your work space.
  • Never take a hazardous chemical out of its original container and store it in something else.
  • Follow manufacturers’ safety guidelines on all equipment.
  • Keep a list of emergency contacts and information for employees and clients, and police, fire and paramedic departments.
  • Keep combustibles, such as wood, paper and trash, away from all heat sources.
  • Report to a supervisor or security official if you observe a stranger or coworker displaying suspicious or potentially threatening behavior.
  • Keep access-control codes or keys private.